There are many Star Wars based board games to choose from. So to help you navigate through the trash to the real winners we picked some of our favorites. These range from the most incredible original board games to classic games with new twists and themes. This list has been compiled based on reviews, sales rank, and fun factor.

1. Star Wars Risk Trilogy Edition

One of the most highly sought after Risk themes. Playable with 3-5 players this Risk Game is not the one your grandpa played. Each Player gets to play one of three different factions. Play the Rebellion, Empire, or the Hutts. Each faction has its own victory conditions and includes hundreds of miniatures.

2. Star Wars Stratego Galactic Edition

The most popular of the Star Wars Stratego themes. This one features characters from every movie except episode 3. This one pits the Dark Side again the Force and includes special powers for some characters.

3. Star War’s Queens Gambit

One of the rarest of all the Star Wars board games. This one fetches the most dollar signs. A game from Avalon Hill produced in 2000’. The Queen’s Gambit comes with a whopping 155 plastic miniatures, 3 separate boards including a 3 tier palace board, and over 150 cards. Based on Star Wars Episode One: The Phantom Menace it allows you to battle the droid army, storm the palace, and battle Darth Maul.

4. Star Wars Trivial Pursuit DVD Saga Edition

Covers all 6 movies from Episode 1 to Return of the Jedi. A fun interactive DVD trivia game for the Star Wars fan that thinks they know it all.

5. Star Wars Epic Duels

One of the most surprising original board games produced by Milton Bradley in 2002’. In Star Wars Epic Duels players get to choose a famous Star Wars character to battle against each other on 4 different battlefield playing boards. Playable with up to 6 people as individuals or teams. This fast paced action packed original Star Wars board game is at the top of many wish lists.

6. Star Wars X-Wing Miniatures Game

A relative newcomer on the Star Wars board game scene. Produced by Fantasy Flight in 2012’ this game has developed an instant fan base. A stunning tactical 2 player based space combat game. Players face off in a fast paced space battle with high detailed miniatures. Can you keep your cool and make the right decisions to destroy your opponents?

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