Do you want to get the most money for your rare board games. Are you trying to narrow down your board game collection. Well then, why not get the most money possible for your rare board games?  There are lots of different venues for selling your rare board games. Each has its pro’s and con’s. Lets examine them and see what the best solution for you is.

1. Ebay

Most people when they try to sell something online the first place they think of is Ebay. This online marketplace has been around for many years. Most of its shoppers are looking for a bargain. But it also attracts international buyers and collectors. If you want to sell your item for the most money on Ebay avoid using auctions that start with a very low bid. Use a hybrid auction with a buy it now option. Pro’s include: fast cash, international buyers. Con’s of ebay include time to create a listing, photographs.

2. Amazon

Gaining in popularity the Amazon marketplace can get you the most money for your board games. Everything on Amazon is a buy it now format and its easy to list.  The con’s are high fees and lots of competition. Pro’s are that your items can sell for a lot more then ebay.

3. Craigslist

Selling board games on Craigslist for a high price is tough. Con’s include a smaller audience, and the hassle factor of setting up a meeting with a prospective buyer. The biggest pro is that there are no fees for selling on Craigslist.

4. Retail Store

Selling your games to a retail store often will fetch you much less money. The reason is most store’s like half price books must buy your games at a cheap enough price to be able to sell them for a profit. Instead I would approach a local game store and ask if they can carry your rare game on consignment. the fee can vary but usually runs from 10% to 30%.

5. Board Game Geek Marketplace

The board game geek marketplace is a great way to sell your board game for more money. Pro’s include: low fees, friendly people. Con’s include: not very intuitive, and competition.

6. Dealers

Similar to retail stores you can sell directly to dealers. If you have a large lot of board games to sell, and don’t want the hassle this is a good option. Pro’s include: very easy.  Con’s include: you may get less money. Just like for retail stores consider working a consignment deal for a fee versus selling the item.

In Conclusion

Any of these ways will fetch you some money. If you truly want the most money my recommendation is to use the Amazon Marketplace to sell your rare board game.  It’s so easy to list your item, and the Amazon buyer will pay more for your rare board games

How have you gotten the most money for your rare board games? Comment below and tell me about your experiences