To help you better understand what is the difference between the original Battlelore versions and the repurposed editions of Battlelore, a little bit of Battlelore history is in order.

Battlelore was created by Richard Borg a board game designer famous for his use of the command and colors mechanic. Battlelore the board game was originally manufactured by Days of Wonder and the rights and existing stock of games sold to Fantasy Flight Games. After assuming control of Battlelore, the stock of the core game and expansions began to dwindle. Fantasy Flight Games planned a reprint back in 2010 but during the planning process soon discovered that the cost of reproducing Battlelore with all of the minis as originally packaged was prohibitively expensive. battelore goblin marauders repurposed

So as a cost saving measure Fantasy Flight Games instead of reprinting Battlelore decided to repurpose unsold core game and expansions sets of French Battlelore. The repurposed Battlelore are French sets that were unsealed by the manufacturer. English components were then added to the box. Then they were resealed. These do not include the English rules. The French rules and components are still in the boxes. They are easily distinguished by a large red sticker on the front (seen above), as well as the original French language cover.

Fantasy Flight Games has provided the English rules in high quality PDF’s that can be read on your E-reader, or printed out. I would suggest uploading these files to a print shop. Have them print them double sided using the landscape setting. Use a color laser printer using a higher quality high gloss paper for the look and feel of a real rule book.

Here is the link to the main download page for the English Battlelore Rules & Instructions:
Download the English Battlelore Rules and Instructions Here

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