Thunder Road the Ram and Wreck Survival Game by Milton Bradley is a very rare board game from the golden years of Milton Bradley. Back when they were creating titles like Heroquest, and Fireball Island. If you can get your hands on this one do it.



Ram and Wreck Car Survival and Mayhem

I love the cover art showing a chopper coming up behind the rare car outfitted with several guns blazing.  The back of the box shows the cool looking road. Like something out of Mad Max.  Thunder Road Board Game back
A desert road race. This includes a game board that switches and links to keep the road going.
Just connect it to other side and keep racing on the ” never ending board”.

Where are the Cars? Did you say Choppers?

Each player gets 3 cars to wreak havoc on your opponents vehicles. If that wasn’t enough you must also survive your opponents chopper. The good news though is you have your very own chopper too.

Milton Bradley’s 1986′ Thunder Road is a real gem for any collector or board game fan and is sure to stay that way for years to come.

Did you ever get the chance to play this? Do you have any memories of this great game?

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