Hex the board game was invented in the 1940’s by a couple of mathematicians. It was first published under the name Hex by Parker Brothers in the 1950’s.  Since then it has developed quite a following.

Hex is playable online as well as with self published sets. The board is quite simple and can be printed out and used with small stones. Stones similar to the ones’ used in Mancala or Go.  Hex is one of the simplest games: connect your color edges with a path of tokens of your color.

What about the Parker Brothers 1950 Hex version? Does it have any value?  Do people buy it?

Absolutely!  But this is always depending on condition and who is buying. A recent search on ebay finds no active or completed listings. This means in the past 90 days  not one has been listed or sold. For this reason it is indeed a very rare board game.

If I were to sell the Parker Brothers 1950 Hex board game. I would use an auction format with a buy it now option on ebay. Set your price reasonably depending on what you paid for it. Usually around 2-3 times the value paid after shipping costs, or whatever you are comfortable with. Shoot higher at first and then drop your price if there is no interest.

For more information about Hex check out the HexWiki.